MK Ridzuan


Notable projects by MK Ridzuan Edutainment

SOG Reimaginasi

Managing and directing music for an orchestral concert collaborating with SOG, a Malaysian post-hardcore band. 

#GengSeruling Simposium

An initiative to unite bamboo flute (seruling) community by having a complete ecosystem to support the art of Seruling.

Seni Untuk Semua Atas Talian

Curating 50 tutorial videos by super cool local artists and craftsmen. An initiative by CENDANA under the PEMULIH program.

Fakulti Kaki Lima

Moderating 52 episodes of theory lesson aiming to empower the public with music knowledge. Produced by Funky Brigade Mediaworks.

Akademi Seni Online

A revolutionary online music lesson in Bahasa Malaysia! Learn more in depth about music theory at your own pace and schedule.

Coming Soon!


MK Ridzuan is a musician with a career spanning since 2009. His remarkable journey in the world of music encompasses performances with prestigious symphony orchestras, including the National Youth Symphony Orchestra at Istana Budaya and the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra at Dewan Philharmonic Petronas, among others.

As a prominent figure in the realm of symphony orchestras, MK Ridzuan has excelled primarily as an oboist. However, his passion for music led him to explore traditional music, where he demonstrated his expertise as a flute, serunai, and gendang player. His debut as a traditional musician took place in Middlesex and Cambridge, United Kingdom, where he mesmerized audiences with his renditions of Mak Yong and Ghazal songs.

MK Ridzuan’s versatility as a multipotentialite and music enthusiast culminated in the establishment of MK Ridzuan Edutainment. Through various online platforms, he has been dedicated to educating the public and providing valuable insights into the Malaysian music scene and industry. His mission is to dispel negative stereotypes surrounding careers in the music industry.

In addition to his illustrious career, MK Ridzuan was a member of one of Malaysia’s most prominent indie bands, Sekumpulan Orang Gila (SOG). Within SOG, he showcased his talents as a flutist, serunai, gendang player, and keyboardist. Their song, “Pelukan Angkasa,” featuring Shila Amzah, secured victory at the prestigious Anugerah Juara Lagu 36 competition, marking a significant achievement in MK Ridzuan’s career.

Furthermore, MK Ridzuan has made noteworthy contributions to the music industry by arranging music for renowned artists such as Dr. Soo Wincci, Drama Band, and Koir Kebangsaan. His involvement in music scoring for the local film “KL Vampire” in 2019 further attests to his artistic prowess.

Beyond his musical performances and collaborations, MK Ridzuan has devoted his time to imparting musical knowledge to the younger generation. He has served as a music instructor at various secondary schools and music centers, as well as conducting online classes. Additionally, his role as an orchestra coach in local institutions underscores his commitment to nurturing the talents of future musicians.

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